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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

I've wondered whether or not to post about this because I don't want any of my friends/new friends I've met at uni to see me differently or act any different around me - because I've experienced that in the past. But since it's Eating Disorder's Awareness week and I've just tucked into the Oreo brownie I bought from the charity cake sale on campus, I thought I'd do a post on it.

I was diagnosed with anorexia when I was 15 and although I'm deemed healthy (almost) and I feel I don't often have many problems with it anymore, it still affects me every now and then. Mainly my issues are to do with self-confidence (thought's I know most people feel) and it just gets channelled into my body.

Honestly, I'm a perfectionist and together with normal teenage insecurities it spiralled out of control and now I'm back to a much healthier place, but it just shows how easy it is to get into this and how it can go unnoticed. 

 Since being at uni, I've suffered a lot with self-confidence and just general sadness, what with missing home and not feeling truly comfortable here. That with my uni lifestyle being relatively a bit more busy and active than when at home and not really thinking about what I'm eating, my weight isn't staying where it should. Which then affects my mood because it plants doubt in my mind to if I'll ever get better and just how much I'm disappointing my family and causing so much pain and frustration for them over something so pathetic. (See what I mean about the spiral)

It's a difficult thing to get through, and even more difficult thing to understand, but something that always keeps me going is hope and knowing that when I'm recovered I will be one of the people that I admire and look up to.

I am always here to give advice or support to anyone who needs it, because I know how hard it is and how dreadful it makes you feel,

Even though I can't think of one magic rule that will change all your lives I can give some advice on what I think works - even just a little bit:

  • Talking about it - this is one thing I've become a real culprit of not following and I know (particularly for those who have suffered for a while) that it's very difficult. I always choose to suffer silently because I feel so pathetic for thinking my thoughts that I can't bare myself to tell anyone or I don't want to burden my - already frustrated - confidants with the same stupid stories. But this is necessary! You are never alone, not with anything, and just telling one person really helps alleviate the pressure pushing you down.
And a tip for all the confidants/family/friends of people with an eating disorder - patience and a hugely open mind! I understand that it must be so difficult and bloody frustrating to see someone you love suffer over things you can't control (I feel it with myself because none of my feelings seem logical and it drives me mad!) but I also know what it feels like to want to keep thoughts to yourself just to save the listener from awkwardness or frustration. It really is worth a little bit of frustration for someone's mood to be slightly lifted (potentially avoiding the spiral downwards in more serious cases) - just knowing someone understands is one of the most comforting things and it really helps! I read a girls called Izzy's blog (link here) for even a couple of months but it did sort of help me sometimes knowing it's not just me with these feelings (granted my disorder wasn't that serious and I didn't agree with everything but even the little things). 

  • Write a list of everything you will be able to do when you've recovered or reasons why you want to recover. Each time you do something on the list it makes you feel that much closer to being able to recover, and I think knowing why you want to recover is key for being able to and it keeps you going when its tempting to go back.
  • Write down all the things you love about yourself and stick it up somewhere visible to you.
  • Relax and don't bully yourself - don't be angry or sad (but don't beat yourself up about it if you do) just accept what your feeling as if you're out of your body and refer to your lists and your confidants when things get hard. 
Another long ramble, but there's just some stuff I wanted to say and to do my bit to raise awareness because it is quite important to me now, and it gets to me knowing or hearing other people in the same positions. But it is something we can overcome, and it doesn't have to take over your life - you can recover and be happy. It's possible. 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Loving Yourself!

Hello again to all those Princes and Princesses out there!! Yes you're all awesome and beautiful!

So this is a continuing of my last post here.

And it's basically what I'm doing for myself today on Valentine's Day - although I think I might make this little ritual a regular thing, because no harm can come from loving yourself.

So this is me completing the list on Rhianna's post here because I thought it was a great idea and I'm loving it.

Now, I'm lucky enough to still have a lush bath bomb (Sakura - because of our favourite club back home! Shout out to my Lux hoes!) so I took that baby and treated myself to a lovely bath (albeit had to call upon the kettle to heat it up because 12 people in one house uses up a hell of a lot of hot water!). Sorry but this is an old photo so this isn't the Sakura bath bomb -  I forgot to take a picture. Whilst in the bath I watched a snippet of Hunger Games: Catching Fire (great film) and read some of my book Girl Online, I find I never get time to read at uni (and by read I mean an actual book) so reading in the bath always relaxes me. 

Next on the list was spending time with friends, so (actually this was before my bath) I popped off to lacrosse training (performed terribly as per) and had a good laugh and then met up with a course mate to make a start on our tutorial project (not so fun, but was much better than if I was on my own since we broke out the choccy biccys and cups of tea).

Now, since I am very probably as single as you could possibly get, I couldn't quite complete the next one but this evening me and the house have got solid plans for a takeaway and film... with hot chocolate of course.

I did also buy a few Lush products (could be my new favourite shop right now) including the King Of Skin body butter bar, and Mask of Magnaminty face mask which I will do a review of later on me thinks. I then proceeded to treat myself to the use of those, unnecessary but nice - and relatively within my budget - little treats.

Jokes ^

What I love about myself:
I've got to say this is probably the hardest part, but once you get into it the ideas won't stop (God I'm awesome!) So if you do nothing else today - MAKE THIS LIST! Here's just a few (I won't write all of them down for you) of what I came up with:

My hair (always top of the list)
My desire to help people
My sense of humour
My figure (as much as I deny it and I may post about my struggles in the future, I do look 'hella good' sometimes!)
My smile 
My achievements - again I'm drafting a post on this, because I really think that a great way to improve confidence is to reflect on what you've achieved in your life individually, because different things have different meanings to every person and achievements aren't always physically rewarded so it's important we notice them and reward ourselves.

And many many more...

I've got to say it was a good day, since I only really thought about what to do yesterday when I came across Rhianna's post - it was originally a day dedicated to work (as are all my Saturdays lately), but here is proof you can have a pretty great day with little money spent and no lingering smelly boy moaning about the colour pink and having to buy flowers!


How did you spend your Valentine's? Did you have fun?

PS Another little thing; if you didn't dedicate today to loving yourself, do it tomorrow - have a little pamper, treat yourself to something you wouldn't normally and keep that list ever-growing and somewhere you'll see it everyday! 


Woo Valentine's?!

Good morning Sweet Valentines,

Now today's post is inspired by a blogger called Rhianna and her post Love Yourself On Valentines Day, and I'm midway through her list of things to do to love yourself and I will be posting another post later on today 

Basically I am a strong believer (and not so strong contender) to the 'Love Yourself' mantra and it is very very important that we do love ourselves. I have spent a good chunk of my life not loving myself and it really was time wasted, because loving yourself really does make you happy and when you realise that the bestest friend you could ever have is you, then you'll never be alone.

I know, I know, much easier said than done, and - being a perfectionist (among other things) - I'm probably an ideal culprit for not loving myself, or not making time to love myself. But if you love yourself it makes it ten times easier to love others around you and to spread that positivity and help them love themselves too (god I sound like my mother!)

Now I'm not really a huge celebrater of Valentine's Day (partly because I've never had anyone to celebrate with, but that's not the point), but I've never really seen it as a day where I feel particularly down because I'm single, I just see it as another day.

By all means, if you're lucky enough to find someone out there who you want to share this self love with, go for it! I've got to say, I do get jealous every now and then, some of you guys are pretty cute, I'll admit it, and I can't wait for the days I can share with someone in that way, but until then I shall enjoy my independence.

I feel that the hype around Valentine's Day is great and all that (any excuse for a celebration)
But the fact is that it isn't just for couples, because it's a day about love. And as Hugh Grant very clearly put it; Love Actually is all around. It deserves to be celebrated and cherished for everyone, because with all the negativity in this world today, at the end of the day we are all people and people deserve to be loved, whoever they are. 
So share a bit of love, to everyone, give them a hug, give a compliment, smile, tell someone you love them (It needs to be said, it doesn't have to be deep and meaningful just remind them that you care about them)

And most importantly, love yourself, tell you that you love you! Channel that inner self love and repeat these words: You are Perfect. You are Beautiful and You are are a Good and Worthy Person! (Don't judge my soppyness guys, I'm just feeling it ok!)

(What a film! I can't wait to watch this with my mum next time I go home!)

And if today, you're not quite up for being by yourself, put that smile on and spend time with people you love. Whether that be your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or whether it be your best friends, your parents, your little shit of brother (excuse my french) or your cat! 

Make sure you're doing what makes you happy, whatever that may be (Within reason)! Cause if no-one else, I love you all, each and every one, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Expressing my love for BBC dramas

So... what on Earth do I do with my life now that Silent Witness is finished??


So I've been brought up watching evening TV with my parents and so I've grown to love a good BBC drama, and goodness they've really upped their game! Now I can always rely on my Tuesday night Holby City or Casualty on Saturdays (or Sunday mornings if I'm out or they don't put it up on iplayer! #firstworldproblems), but I must say Silent Witness is my fave!

For those who don't watch it - really? - it's about a group of pathologists who use their amazing attention to detail and forensicy stuff to solve murders. The plot is so brilliant and the acting is fab too. Each week there's a story of 2 episodes Monday and Tuesday night and each week it's a different murder. It's perfect because you get the cliff hanger and get all excited because you want to know what will happen but you don't have to wait all week for the next one cause it's the next day!! And every time, I can never figure it out or predict the twist, it's just brilliant! 

(N'aaw Harry and Leo - who remembers them?) Picture link

I'm not hugely into shows like PLL or Gossip Girl (granted I've never tried them so who knows they could be my next obsession) but I feel a bit old getting all into these shows - I was also a huge fan of Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Hustle (Anyone else? Nope, just me?) Especially when all my friends would sit and watch X factor on a Saturday night, and I was the one watching Strictly Come Dancing - judge me! 

Moving on... - not quite BBC but who's been watching Broadchurch? 

Come on now... Everyone's watching Broachchurch? It's getting juicy and I love it!
(I feel I may be coming across as a right freak now, expressing my love for murder programmes! I promise I'm not a psycho I just love a bit of British drama!) 


Saturday, 7 February 2015

Brew and Brownie

So today I had some of the most incredible pancakes I think I've ever had!

Above picture from thoroughlyenglish blog post here along with a few more photos of the truly adorable little cafe.

These two below are mine

Dem cakes tho! :P 
They had a Mars brownie! I think we know what my next order is!

Are you not just dribbling right now?

These American pancakes with Nutella and banana were a dream! It was a stretch ordering a hot chocolate as well which was perhaps a bit too much sugar for one sitting, but goodness those pancakes... golly. 
Now I don't normally like American pancakes. I'm a big lover of crepes with Nutella and we make crepes and drop scones at home which I love, but whenever we've been out for breakfast - admittedly usually in America since I don't often go out for breakfast here - I haven't been a fan. Often they are always too sweet or too sugary and always accompanied by golden syrup or fruit puree as oppose to chocolate spread option, which is always my pancake-topper of choice! (*Gasp* No lemon and sugar you ask?) But these beauties were perfect, yes a bit too much to handle, but I gave it a good go and will absolutely go back for more next time! 
These were cooked beautifully and the smell, well no doubt they were the best smelling pancakes ever! It was indeed one hell of a treat, and at around £6, even the everyday student can afford to indulge - it certainly set me up for the entire day! Dare I say they even beat the instagram sensation that is the Bill's blueberry pancakes (see what I mean about no choccy spread??).

I thoroughly recommend if you're ever in York/there are any other Brew and Brownie cafes which I do hope there are!


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Florida, Orlando

So there's a good few photos on this post cause it was a long holiday (love them ones!) 

We basically jetted off to Florida to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! You heard it correctly! Eeeeeeepppppp!!!

We stayed at the classic Marriott Harbour Lake (we're basically regulars at the Marriott, cause it's just the best!)

Look at that sunset!

Can't beat some banana and walnut bread with granola and fruit and Tropicana orange juice (no bits).

My bro talking to Stan Shunpike and Dre Head (he totally speaks!!)

I can't tell you how much it all actually looks just how I'd ever imagined! (and exactly like the actual set in the Leavesden Studios just bigger)

“Gringotts was the safest place in the world for something you wanted to hide — except perhaps Hogwarts.”       ~ Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone

These next 2 are from when we ventured off to Sanibel Island on our way to Marco Island;

(Another amazing Marriott I'm afraid)

They have some smashing thunder storms out there!

Our favourite restaurant was called Snook Inn, and it was this lovely little seafood shack on the water and served some scrummy food I do say. And the staff were so lovely and friendly, I really wish I could go back now just looking at that cake!

Me and Mr Alligator

There were also dolphins in the water but the pictures didn't quite capture them brilliantly but it was truly amazing!

So if you haven't guessed I kind of recommend this amazing excursion. We went on a little swap boat trip in Marco Island where we saw all the Gators. The island were a nice change in contrast to the theme parks and tourist stuff (we do love it, I do admit) because it was lovely to be off the beaten track and to see some locals and I love the cute little beaches and shacks, and it was quite beautiful!

Thanks again, 

Speak to you soon!


Sunday, 1 February 2015


Good morrow! 
Another travel post from me today.
Last summer, I did something I have wanted to do my whole life (and really want to do again) I volunteered with young children out in Africa. I went to Marrakech, Morocco for 11 days to look after, teach and play with some adorable children who don't have quite as many of the luxuries that we all take for granted. 
I travelled on my own with a company called Original Volunteers. I met some brilliant people there both the other volunteers and the incredible people of Morocco. 

It was one of the most amazing and valuable things I've ever done and I really recommend it to anyone thinking about it. 

First night at a restaurant in the Medina.

Setting up a meal for a homeless shelter.

Souk Selfie

Their writing is incredible. Here we were teaching a young girl basic English numbers and as we went over it I wrote them down for her. She then listened to how I said them and wrote down in arabic how it sounded in English and each time I said it she repeated it and added little dots or symbols to ensure she got the correct pronunciation. Incredible.

This was part of our 10 hour coach ride up the Atlas Mountains for our camel ride and overnight camp in the Sahara Desert. You know just your average Friday night.

^ Un Dejeuner a Marrakech
L'entrepotes restaurant

These kids were incredible. Literally they were so thrilled with people to play with them, I think we only brought a frisbee, a ball and tennis rackets and they could have the time of their lives. They even taught us all their games they played and were so friendly, even though we didn't even speak their language.

(Me on a camel)

So I went in July (twas bloody hot I can tell you!), so maybe not the best time to go but nevertheless it was amazing. Both the place and the experience was pretty awesome.

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