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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A few little places...

Hello all!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, it was a busy week for me last week as my family came up to visit and then I went straight to visit my best friend for the weekend, which was fab!

While my family were up we went to a few good restaurants/cafes that I'd never heard off - not just the big branded places - and I wanted to tell you all about them.

The first place is called Thirteen Thirty-One, where we went last time they visited and it was a really cool little (although not so little) restaurant-pub place. Last time we came, me and my mum went for drinks while my dad and brother watched the football in this really cool little cinema room upstairs with comfy seats and drinks! So we decided to come back this time for something to eat and it was definitely the best food I had when they were up, I can't wait to go again! I had one of the best (and biggest) pies I've had in a long time and the staff were very nice and overall it was a lovely night!

This next place was called Bruks and it was a little cafe just down a little alley by Costa Coffee .(there's at least 2 of everything in town so I know this isn't a great landmark - but I'm talking about the one just off the square where all the markets are) We wanted a coffee but everywhere was packed and my dad spotted the little sign and we went in. It was a lovely, cute little cafe and the women (who I assumed owned it) were so friendly, welcoming and funny! 

There drinks were superb and I'll definitely be coming back for this be-a-utiful oreo milkshake! In fact I might try the Malteser one! It was lush! (It was my brothers - the one reading Insurgent - but I did contribute to the consumption of course)

^ Hazelnut hot chocolate! It was very sweet but somehow all ended up in my tummy!

And to finish, here is a picture of a squirrel I took when we went to the park!

Have a lovely day everybody and be sure to give these places a go if you're ever in York!



  1. Hi! :) It looks so delicious and the pictures are amazing! I really like your blog, so I actually just nominated you for
    Infinity Dreams Award.

    Read all about it on here:


  2. Oh it was! Thanks very much, I'm just doing my post about it now!

    Josie x


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