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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Cabra Verde

Since I've started my second year at university up in York, I've made it my mission to visit as many of the amazing sites, restaurants and particularly cafes as I can, since they all look gorgeous!

I have done some posts on great places in York such as Brew and Brownie (you can find here) and some other eating places/cafes (you can find my other post here).

So here's another one of York's lovely cafes; Cabra Verde...

This was my milk hot chocolate, which I must say was simple spectacular - and beat Brew and Brownie's dare I say it! (though still no-where can hold a candle to their pancakes!)

When I asked at the counter, she asked me whether I wanted milk, white or dark chocolate hot chocolate (I think they make them using chocolate buttons! YUM!) ? I've never had that choice before! Upon indecisiveness in that very moment I went safe with the milk but I shall most definitely be returning to try out the other flavours! Anyone had a white or dark hot chocolate before? 

Very small, but so cute and lovely friendly atmosphere!

I think it's a Spanish cafe and the menu looks amazing! I definitely want to try the banana bread breakfast and the Mediterranean bocadillo!


Friday, 23 October 2015

Books Books Books...

So this post is a few weeks late, but I thought I'd post it now, (since I've already got two more books to review in my next book review post!)

Papertowns - John Green
I was slightly sceptical about this one, since I wasn't a fan of the Fault In Our Stars, but I decided the description (and admittedly the recent trailer) sounded interesting so I purchased this little one to read before potentially going to see the film. I started this a couple of days before we left and within a couple of days into the holiday I was sad to end it.

The basic synopsis is when a popular girl (the famous Margo Roth Speigelman) invites her neighbour and childhood friend out on a midnight adventure, that is completely out of his comfort zone. The next morning Margo runs away again but this time, Quentin is left with clues by Margo to her whereabouts, which Q and his friends have to follow to try and find her.

I found this book quite exciting and fun. It was quite odd at times - for example the stuff they did on the midnight road trip was a bit weird - and admittedly some of the characters (particularly Q's best friend) got on my nerves a bit. However I liked the weirdness of the character Margo and how Quentin was so fascinated by her, and I liked how they interacted with each other. I also quite like the message behind it, that the way people seem and the way you see them isn't showing the whole picture and people are a lot deeper.

Similarly the plot was very intriguing and - what I think makes a great book is - it had me reading on and on, unable to put the book down because I wanted to find out what the clues meant and whether what I had guessed was correct.

Overall it was exciting and fun, a bit creepy at times and unpredictable; which I really like about good books! If your one for a mystery story with a few giggles and teenage fun then I think it's a good read for you.

If You Were Me - Sam Hepburn

This book was brilliant! It was quite an easy read and I believe her books are aimed at teenagers, but it was really interesting, incredibly well-written and very gripping. I've now forced my younger brother to have a go and he's loving it, I definitely recommend it for drama/crime-seeking teens.

It's a story about a young teenage girl from Afghanistan, who escapes to London with her family. Soon after, her brother is in a bomb explosion, and is accused of being the creator of the bomb and member of a well-known terrorist group. Meanwhile a young British boy witnesses the brother's innocence whilst finding information which could put his family life in jeopardy. He then helps the girl prove her brother's innocence in a way that protects his family.

I didn't know what to expect from this book, but I've wanted to try reading mystery and crime books instead of my usual fantasy or romantic books. This book did not disappoint. It was written very cleverly and with great description that I could picture the setting and the story unfold. The drama and setting fitted well with the characters and important information was revealed at the right times to help me figure out the mystery alongside the characters.

I would say it was probably a young persons book, but very dramatic and a good story to read. I feel it was very different to anything I've read before but I feel I enjoyed the more real-life scenarios, such as the life of a refugee. Some of the scenes were a bit far fetched, I guess it's not realistic for young two teenagers to solve a crime and find a dangerous terrorist group, but hey it made for an adventurous story, especially the lovely little twists that kept revealing themselves along the way.

Suffice to say my enjoyment of these books has lead me to purchase a few more of the same authors; Looking for Alaska - John Green, and Chasing the Dark - Sam Hepburn. I've also began reading A Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith - which is proving very intriguing!

Any book suggestions? Or thoughts on the ones I've mentioned?


Sunday, 18 October 2015

We're going to Miami

Sorry more holiday posts, but I've compressed them down and this is the last one!

Now on our way back home we spent a couple of days in Miami. 

This was the stressful part of the holiday. Firstly we didn't get onto a flight so after spending all day at the Aruba airport we had to stay another night (what a shame) and buy a ticket for the next day to fly into Miami. After finally getting there we got lost for a good few hours, just getting out of Miami airport! HA! THEN.... we went shopping for supplies and after filling up our entire trolley full of who-knows-what, we get to the checkout and the credit cards don't work! Wahoo!! Good start, guys good start.

However in saying that it was lovely in Miami. Most of the time the weather held up, even though there were a few thunder and lighting flashes - but hey they are always quite fascinating to watch and I love them.

We did venture out one night to see my very first baseball game! Which was quite good and I learned loads! It was the Miami Marlins against the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Marlins won which just added to our high spirits.

We did also take a trip down to Miami Beach. Got down there and had a lovely Mexican lunch at one of the lovely restaurants down the strip of road by the beach. Unfortunately, the minute we set foot on the beach after lunch, down came the rain, thunder and lightning and out came the Miami Police to usher everyone out of the water and off of the beach.

But hey, at least we saw it! 

My superb attempt at fajitas outside on the balcony, after finally finding a credit card that worked and eventually finding our way back to the hotel from the supermarket.

Here's just my mashup video of all the fun bits of this amazing holiday!

Now, I'm officially out of summer mode, and bring on the Autumnal fun!


Monday, 12 October 2015

Jolly Pirates Adventure

During our Aruban holiday we ventured out to a Jolly Pirates Boat Ride and Snorkel. 
This was probably the highlight of our holiday (well mine and my brother's). We went out at 9am onto this massive pirate ship with loads of people and the lovely hosts drove us out to 3 spots to go snorkeling!

It was great to get the chance to do this, since I love snorkeling and saw loads of gorgeous fishies! We went to one ship wreck as well, which looked pretty cool.

Of course no Caribbean adventure is complete with the endless open bar of booze (they do a mean rum punch!), on site BBQ, beautiful sunshine and mingling with the other guests and hosts! The people were lovely, there were a load of people there, most American or Dutch - since Aruba is a Dutch island - and we had a load of fun.

Now the best part was obviously the rope swing!! Yep. How often do you get a chance to swing of a pirate ship into the clear blue sea. It was so much fun and we all had a go! 


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Caribbean Dream; Aruba - Part Two

More photos!!!

I cannot express enough how amazing this holiday was! This Caribbean island was spectacularly beautiful and exactly what you'd expect from a Caribbean island; warm, refreshing sky blue waters, white sandy beaches and constantly perfect weather with blazing sun and cooling winds!

The West Deck was a lovely - kind of tapas - place. It served tremendous drinks (as I've shown by this mouthwatering tropical smoothie) and various cool appetizers. 

We went with a few to pick at and share; BBQ ribs, crab cakes, Tropical salad, coconut rice, satay sticks and a homemade coleslaw! Yum!

Anyone been over to the Caribbean?

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