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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Breaking down the Mental Health Stigma

I recently found and have been reading Nicole's blog Thrifty Vintage Fashion and her posts on mental health. One of her more recent posts was on Why people that share their experiences aren't doing it for attention and I was quite inspired by it and she raised some good points on the stigma of mental health and how it's hard for people to speak about it because of this. 

I'll leave you to check out the whole post, but basically it inspired me to try and be more vocal about my experiences in the hope that maybe it might help someone or help remind people going through it that others are too and that they're not alone. I want to do this because I know reading other people's blogs on it has helped me in the past and still does today evidently and also that I think writing it down in the form of a blog post might help me with my recovery in the future. 

It's actually a lot harder than it seems. Several times now I've typed out my feelings and then deleted it all and then left it and then tried again and I can't seem to find the best way to put things. I don't want my blog to become all sad and filled with these ED/anxiety related posts but at the same time I want to be honest because otherwise it doesn't really help. (But don't worry I'll try and post these posts sparingly unless people actually do find them helpful).

I think I'm finding it so hard to get things down in appropriate words because basically I'm embarrassed and ashamed of my feelings toward my ED. I always have been which has made things difficult to express which I think is one of the reasons it's gone on so long. And even though things are changing a little bit now, I don't think they're changing for the better. 

I won't go into the whole story right now but I think I just wanted to get down some points that people should keep in mind before forming opinions or judging people;

  • As Nicole has rightly said in her post - 'it takes every ounce of courage to share personal thoughts on mental health on social media' - it's really not easy. People face a lot of judgement and criticism with blogging on any topic but I feel the stigma around mental health has made it a very taboo subject that people who haven't experienced it just don't understand and so feel scared.
  • We aren't proud of these feelings and quite often really lack confidence because we feel embarrassed of ourselves.
  • Having a "mental illness" doesn't make us crazy. We are normal people, some like talking about it, some don't. It shouldn't be a scary subject, it should be something that people empathise with and bring people closer together. 

What are your thoughts on the stigma and how to break it down?


Monday, 26 September 2016

Instagram Faves


I love this account and have been loving it for ages! I found Sarah's Instagram account when I moved to York for university, and wanted to find awesome places and cafes and the like to visit. So when I came across her photos I loved them! They're filled with coffee, amazing-looking breakfasts, and some gorgeous, old, traditional places, with a lovely theme and feel to the pictures!


I love reading Amy's blog and her instagram pictures definitely provide me with some fashion inspo and travel inspo because she has amazing fashion sense - and of course is absolutely stunning herself! 


Carrie's instagram account is so sweet and cosy and her dog is the cutest! She takes some really lovely photos and often has a very autumnal feel to her photos, which I love. She also encourages me to go on more lovely walks and enjoy the fresh air!!


This account is just so cool to look at. Since I never really take notice of these things, I love how the account is just filled with these awesome, different designs with the coolest patterns and vibrant colours. It seems like such a cool thing to look back on and I always like seeing the pictures on my feed.

These are just a couple of instagram accounts I've really been loving lately, although I have a lot that I love, these are just a handful. 

What Instagram accounts are your favourites??

If you're at all interested you can follow me on instagram here!


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Being Busy in Belgium

One of my amazing trips away this summer was to visit my darling cousin out in Belgium.

After she had been living there for a couple of months I finally got the chance to go out there for a weekend and we visited the lovely towns of Gent and Brussels.


Me and one lovely Aperol Spritz!

Firstly I'll tell you about our day in Gent. Luckily it was a gorgeous day, with a blazing sun beaming down on us all day! And ... there was a festival on during the day which was brilliant. It meant that all we did all day was potter around and explore the town, stopping for drinks and food along the way and were pleasantly entertained by a variety of street performers. Some of them were actually really good (some not so good), such as the musicians - there was a girl band on a stage giving a free concert in the middle of the town who were awesome and varied their songs so that there were French and English ones! There was also a dance teacher teaching this cool street routine to a bunch of kids (and adults) watching or passing by!

We popped into a few shops and managed to find a little restaurant out by the river, which was surrounded by gorgeous flowers and bikes and looked cute.

Playsuit : Boohoo (No longer available)


On our first night a local friend of my cousins gave us some great tips for where to go in the evening. So we ventured out into the town to a little square called Delirium, where we went for a lovely meal (apparently meatballs are a common Belgian food - who knew?) and then out to this cocktail bar called Floris Bar, which was down this very bustling, local, side street and served - I'm not kidding - THE BEST cocktails I think I've ever had in my life!

All the ones I had were rum based and were simply divine! If you're ever in Brussels I urge you to go for some cheeky cocktails there, you won't ever want to leave!

Of course no trip to Belgium is complete without a Belgian waffle!! Mmmm! (And I of course brought home a few boxes of Belgian chocolates - we went into Leonidas for ours and they were beaut!)

Apparently the main tourist landmark for Brussels found deep in the town centre (Grand Place) is 'Le Manneken Pis' - yep it is indeed a tiny statue of a child peeing into a fountain! 

My cousin said that people usually dress him up in funny costumes but unfortunately he wasn't when we visited - so if you're ever there look out for some cool costumes!

Anyone ever visited Belgium? What did you think?


Friday, 9 September 2016

Why the end of summer isn't so bad...

It's September and all of us Brits are now experiencing that drop in temperature and a rain fall or two, and to our despair summer is coming to an end;

But all is not lost, here are just a few of the wonderful things that are yet to come and for us all the enjoy!

1. Autumn Fashion - Although I love the summer life, there always comes a time where I look forward to being able to wear my big, snuggly jumpers again and can whip out the browns and reds and my favourite plum lipstick that only comes out at this time of year!



2. Fires and Candles! - I cannot wait to snuggle up by the fire, at about 4.30pm (when it's already pitch black) with gorgeous smelling candles creating a beautiful cosy ambience!

3. Hot Chocolates - And what cold, crisp, British winter evening is complete without a warm milky hot chocolate (Classic Cadbury's is always my fave) dolloped with whipped cream and sprinkled with mini marshmallows and chocolate shavings! Gosh my mouth's watering already!

4. Hot Bubble Baths - even though it's still quite warm here in the south of England, I'm making sure I get my quota of bubble baths before heading back up to uni where hot water costs money! There's nothing more relaxing that candles, bubbles and a cup of tea to soak all your troubles away!

5. Christmas!!! - Ok, I know, I know don't yell at me! It's early, I know! But come on, when the cold strikes and there's nothing you want more than to be on the beach basking in the heavenly heat and diving into that sky blue sea - stick on a bit of Mariah Carey or Wizzard and you'll soon be counting down the days and writing your list!

Who else is excited for Autumn and Winter??


Sunday, 4 September 2016

Kew Gardens

Not long ago, my best friend and I went to visit the beautiful Kew Gardens for the day and so I just thought I'd post a few photos from our visit.

Kew Gardens is the world's most famous Botanic Garden. Located in Richmond, it is a beautiful place to come for the day or even a few hours. It's absolutely huge and so is gorgeous to just walk around but also has a few cafes, historical and learning areas and plenty of activities and playgrounds for kids.

Trousers : ASOS (Similar Here)

Sandals : New Look (Similar Here and Here)

Leather Jacket : H&M (Similar Here)

Top : Primark (Similar at New Look Here and Here)

There are some very impressive greenhouses in Kew Gardens and I absolutely loved looking round at all the gorgeous different flowers, trees and crops from around the world. 

The Hive is their newest installation I believe, and was really quite cool to see. It's built of aluminium and it's lattice effect is incorporated with 1000 LED lights. These lights light up and a hum is generated in response to the activity of real honey bees in a particular beehive at Kew. The technology behind it is quite fascinating and there are tours and talks going on throughout the day, which we happened to overhear when visiting. 

There's also these little stands inside the 'Hive' that vibrate and the instructions on it tell you that holding a lolly-pop stick in a particular way (for example between your teeth or in your ear!) and pressing it to the vibrating stand generates a different noise/vibration and these differences are how the bees communicate different signals inside their hive! How cool!

Another brilliant part was the Treetop Walkway where I short walkway has been built 18 metres high offering some brilliant views of the surrounding trees! 

Anyone ever been to Kew Gardens? 

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