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Friday, 9 September 2016

Why the end of summer isn't so bad...

It's September and all of us Brits are now experiencing that drop in temperature and a rain fall or two, and to our despair summer is coming to an end;

But all is not lost, here are just a few of the wonderful things that are yet to come and for us all the enjoy!

1. Autumn Fashion - Although I love the summer life, there always comes a time where I look forward to being able to wear my big, snuggly jumpers again and can whip out the browns and reds and my favourite plum lipstick that only comes out at this time of year!



2. Fires and Candles! - I cannot wait to snuggle up by the fire, at about 4.30pm (when it's already pitch black) with gorgeous smelling candles creating a beautiful cosy ambience!

3. Hot Chocolates - And what cold, crisp, British winter evening is complete without a warm milky hot chocolate (Classic Cadbury's is always my fave) dolloped with whipped cream and sprinkled with mini marshmallows and chocolate shavings! Gosh my mouth's watering already!

4. Hot Bubble Baths - even though it's still quite warm here in the south of England, I'm making sure I get my quota of bubble baths before heading back up to uni where hot water costs money! There's nothing more relaxing that candles, bubbles and a cup of tea to soak all your troubles away!

5. Christmas!!! - Ok, I know, I know don't yell at me! It's early, I know! But come on, when the cold strikes and there's nothing you want more than to be on the beach basking in the heavenly heat and diving into that sky blue sea - stick on a bit of Mariah Carey or Wizzard and you'll soon be counting down the days and writing your list!

Who else is excited for Autumn and Winter??



  1. Not the biggest fan of autumn and winter but I love the fashion during this time and, of course, the celebrations! x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Of course the celebrations (both chocolate and otherwise!) haha!

  2. I love autumn! Have a great week, Josie xx

    Edye | Http://

  3. I love those jumper picks, I can't wait to stock up on some warmer clothes!
    Jen | Giveaway | Velvet Spring

  4. I love autumn more than any other season. Sure, summer is fine but there's nothing like transitioning into autumn, drinking hot chcocolate and watching the leaves turn brown.

    Love, Kerstin

  5. Autumn is my favourite time of year and Im so ready to wear cosy jumpers now !! x

    1. Me too!! I've just bought a new cosy jumper and I've been wearing it for days even when the suns been out!


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