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Friday, 29 September 2017

A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Ready When You’re Running Late

Hello again, sorry to be so absent lately, been all go out here in Australia! And as I've been so distant and busy (+ lack of good wifi) I have another guest post by the brilliant Amy Goldsmith! 


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Insider's Guide to Australia: Off the Beaten Track

Happy Hump Day to everyone out there! Again sorry for my elongated absence - it's true that Australian hostel wifi is really not the best, oh and I have been rather busy with all this backpacking malarkey! Hoping to get a few more posts up in the next few weeks though! (But don't hold me to that)

This post is - as you've by no doubt guessed - a guide to some of those not so obvious places in Australia that you really should add to your bucketlist. I'm happy to say I've ticked off a few and have now got some more great ideas for when I head a bit further down the coast. This post has been written by the lovely Amy from - a true Aussie and therefore I fully trust that she's got some good insider's tips!

Image 1 - Sydney - Featured image, Source


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Amazing Uncle Brian's Tour - Part 2

Woo! So I finally found a computer in which I could download some of my camera (better) photos to finally put together part 2 of my Uncle Brian's tour post! 

This one was the Cape Tribbbin trip which was a whole day (food included) and we went to;

Port Douglas

Cape Tribulation

Daintree Rainforest (oldest rainforest in the world just FYI)

Crocodile Tour

We jumped in the bus and headed up (quite a drive) to Port Douglas where we climbed up to a viewpoint to take some stunning shots of the Four Mile Beach and had a spot of morning tea and cake!

 We walked through the Daintree forest to a gorgeous little creek where we swam in the natural waters and jumped off ledges and swang from vines! It was beautiful!

Depending on the tide the crocodile boat tour usually occurs in the morning or afternoon, we had ours in the afternoon when the tide was low so we got to see the gigantic 'Scarface' just chilling in the waters and a couple of smaller crocs contently basking in the sun!

We also got to spot a Python wrapped round a tree - this was the best photo I could get from the boat (without potentially falling out!)

The views, the people, the food was all incredible, I absolutely loved every minute of it and totally recommend it to anyone wanting to do these parts of Australia (which you absolutely must!)

I would recommend it particularly for solo travellers because everything's included and you meet a great bunch of other travellers so easily - they were my first tours when I got to Australia and made me feel so much more confident going forward! I even met a great friend further down the line in our travels!

Check out the Uncle Brian's website for the Cape Tribbbin Tour here
(once again, I'm not collaborating with this company at all, just want to share my experience so others can enjoy the same!)

There's also the 2 day tour which I didn't do (but kind of should have because it incorporates most of the two tours, plus the little cabin is ADORABLE and it works out cheaper) - check that out here

Has anyone ever been on the Uncle Brian's Tour before?


Sunday, 20 August 2017

The Amazing Uncle Brian's Tour - Part 1

Hi again! I'm still here I promise, things just might be a bit slow as I'm pretty busy with the amazing-ness of Australia right now!

Little update, I've been alone and in Cairns for 3 days now! It's incredible, I'll just tell you now! I've been staying at Mad Monkeys which is a lovely hostel by the way - so clean and close to everything and the people working here are so friendly and helpful! (They also offer free breakfast, which is actually really nice and a free BBQ on Saturdays which was a godsend yesterday when I didn't have time to go out shopping!)

So far I've been on a lush hike up Mount Whitfield by the Botanic Gardens, a hilarious pub crawl round all the fab bars/clubs in Cairns, a trip to the lagoon and markets and a bike ride along the sea front plus a free BBQ! 

And yesterday, I went on my first tour which - although it's my first and I have nothing to compare it to - was incredible! I went off on a tour round the beautiful waterfalls of the Atherton Tablelands with Uncle Brian's tours and I 100% rate it! There was about 13 of us plus our awesome guide Sid (who was blooming hilarious), who went off on a mini-bus out to the Atherton tablelands playing all sorts of hilarious games and singing along to some great tunes along the way!


Friday, 11 August 2017

Sunrise in Sydney

G'day mates! 

Yep that's right, the time has actually come that I'VE MADE IT TO AUSTRALIA!! 

And I know I've only been here 2 days but, so far it's everything I dreamed it would be!

So after our 24 hours of travelling we finally arrived in Sydney at 5am. And of course, being the determined opportunists we are, we dropped off our bags at the hotel and headed straight out for some sightseeing. And I'm blooming glad we did as the first thing I got to see was the beautiful sunrise over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House! What an amazing first start!

Being just literally 5 minute walk from the Marriott in Sydney we were right by the harbour - and after the sunrise we took comfort in a nearby diner/restaurant overlooking the harbour for some coffee (as it was rather chilly at 6am in the morning deep in Australian Winter - although can I just say that as the day progressed and the sun came out the weather was absolutely gorgeous and although it wasn't quite sunbathing weather it wasn't far off the current English temperature - and it's meant to be summer over there!)

Being right by the harbour we got to gaze and people watch as all the Sydney residents began their trip to work and their jogs round the town. We then took the 30 minute ferry over the Manly where my dad used to live eyons ago.

He took us on the most beautiful walk round the bays up to Fairlight in search of what was once his old flat. And then we headed out through the town over to Manly beach - a stunning white sand beach, good for beginner surfers, surrounded by loads of lovely bars and restaurants overlooking the sea. I mean just look at these photos...

We stopped of at the Sugar Room for some juices and smoothies overlooking the beach!

Probably one of the best views I've had from a hotel! ^

After popping to all the nostalgic bars my dad used to visit back in the day, we took a lovely stroll around The Rocks, an area of shops and historic buildings by the harbour before taking space at some lovely bars to soak up the last of the sun before our jet lag set in and we had to amble back to the hotel at about 5 for an early dinner and were konked out in bed by 6!

So all in all, a pretty incredible first day on the Down Under Adventure and I'm now overlooking another incredible view (all posted over on Instagram stories) a little more north in Surfer's Paradise after a day of some gorgeous sunbathing (WINTER - it's meant to be winter here! It's bloody hotter than English summer for goodness sake!) and I will share all the gorgeousness in a post as soon as possible!

Anyone else visited Australia - tips for Brisbane/Surfer's Paradise? 

Also, don't worry I'm planning on spending longer in Sydney around Christmas time - I'm starting the adventure off with a family holiday - cray right!? - before parting ways and riding solo up to Cairns to start the proper backpacking journey down!


Saturday, 5 August 2017

Graduation and Blog decisions

Well. What a wirl-wind eh? Who'd have thought I'd actually come out with a degree?


Monday, 31 July 2017

Summer Driving*

I hope you're all enjoying this lovely sun! 

Now that all schools/unis are broken up, I'm sure many of you have some lovely trips planned. Whether they be short mini breaks to the beach or the country or luxury holidays abroad, with hotter climates and sunny days it's worth knowing how it can affect our cars and our driving.

I had recently read a similar post by Sophia here, which I thought was so useful and taught me things I hadn't known, which I think are really good to keep in mind around this time of year. So I've done my own post in collaboration with a UK car tyre dealership network, where you can buy tyres online in a few easy steps at Point S, to remind you how to drive safe in the summer.


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Current Fave Bloggers

Morning all! I'm so sorry I haven't been very active lately, there'll be a post up soon on that hopefully! But I've finally got round to posting and I thought it'd be lovely to do a little post sharing some of my inspiration lately in the form of some of my favourite bloggers! These gals never fail to make me smile and I always love each and every one of their posts, so here we go...

Mollie Bylett ~ Where's Mollie


Monday, 17 July 2017

Last few days in York

I never thought I'd say it, but I'm genuinely really sad to be leaving York. It's probably one of the most beautiful and kind and lovely cities I've visited and I really mean it when I say it's been a pleasure to call this place my home for the past 3 years.


Monday, 10 July 2017

First Glimpse of Budapest

Well, isn't Budapest just one of the most beautiful cities you've ever seen?

No doubt by now I'll have posted a hell of a lot of the gorgeous city photos I have on my 3 cameras but if by any chance you haven't seen them, here's a bunch! Oh and I thought I'd add in a few bits of our itinerary in case you're planning of heading out there!


Thursday, 6 July 2017

Letter of Recovery

Dear my beautiful son/daughter, 

I want you to know just how much I love you. I want you to know how much I want you. I want you to know that I will get you. I promise.

I may not be ready or capable right now, but I'm trying. I know I need to try harder, but I'm trying to stay healthy for you. For the ability to carry you and keep you safe. 

One day I will be ready. I will have all the abilities to create you inside me, because I know that you will be the most incredible thing to ever happen to me. I know that whatever I feel and think about myself, that the ability to look after you is the most beautiful and courageous thing I could ever do.

You put things into perspective for me.

You remind me what life is about.

You give me a purpose.

And I can't wait for the day when I learn about you. When I feel you inside me. When I speak to you and you speak to me. For when I see you for the first time. When we meet and I realise it's all worth it. 

I owe you everything. You are the one that will get me through this. You are my motivation.

I get scared sometimes, that maybe I'll never meet you. That's it's too late and I've ruined it. But I can't afford to think like that. For you, I must stay strong and determined. 

And I will. 

I promise.

Goodnight my angel. I look forward to meeting you someday!

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Monday, 3 July 2017

Getting to Know New Bloggers

So I've been nominated by the wonderful Megan from Meganbethblogs for the Liebster Award which is basically a way for bloggers to interact a bit and get to know other bloggers! It involves the nominator asking 11 questions and the nominees then answer the questions in a blog post and then at the end of their blog post they ask 11 new questions of their own to 11 nominees of their choice.


Monday, 26 June 2017


Summer is here, I've said it! It's summer, exams are over and the sun is out (most days anyway, thanks England!) I know bluebells are more of a Springy thing and yes these photos were taken back in April but I loved them anyway and I still think this outfit is great for summer too!


Thursday, 22 June 2017

Life is Too Short

I know a lot of people have published posts about the tragic event in Manchester just weeks ago, (edit: and now many of the other terrible events that have yet followed) and I wasn't quite sure whether or not to post this, but it's still a valid point that I was only reminded of due to the events. Although this will continue to haunt a great number of people, I and many others who weren't directly affected (of course we're all affected but what I mean by that is those who weren't there/knew anyone there), will now have moved on and continued with our everyday lives. This post is simply a little reminder that although life goes on and we must continue to work and live, this has just proved once again how short life can be and how important it is to live the life we enjoy and are proud of.

It makes me think about the number of young children and people at different stages of their lives, not only through the recent attacks or the Grenfell Tower fire but through a whole number of other causes throughout the world who have lost their lives. And this is heart shuddering. I'm not saying I'm wasting my life and I'm not saying that we need to be happy or grateful every moment of every day, but just being thankful for living, is sometimes are very simple but necessary task.

To be thankful simply for the opportunity to experience today and likely tomorrow. To make the most of the time I have and to fulfill the life I would be proud of.


Monday, 19 June 2017

My Australia Bucketlist

So it's not actually that long until I make the all exciting trip to Australia!! EEEEPP!! Good Golly I can't bloody wait!

I'm first heading out in August with my family for a mini holiday as I'm heading off and travelling all on my lonesome and I'm slightly absolutely terrified of it! Being a slightly social but highly anxious and sometimes proper introvert, I'm very much nervous about heading off with no plans living and travelling round a country I've never been to that's on the complete opposite side of the world!

But you know, that's what you've got to do when you're young right! Make the most whacky and perhaps stupid decisions you can and then regret them later - however I'm quite sure there's no possible way you can 'regret' a trip to Australia.

Firstly I'm going to say, I have no definitive plans. There's things I would like to see and experience but as of yet I have not booked anything! Not even a flight home! I haven't booked flights around the country, hotels or hostels, or transport or anything! It's kind of freaking me out...

I would very much appreciate any tips from anyone who's been travelling - to tell me if that's completely reckless and stupid or if I've got nothing to worry about and I can literally get these on the door kind of thing??

I've now got myself my working holiday visa and am all set up and ready to go! I'm planning on heading up to Cairns to begin with, because it's warmer up there and August is Australia's winter! Then I'm gonna hop on the Greyhound bus (quick question from past travellers - is it a good idea to buy my bus ticket before I go?) and head on all the way down to Melbourne, obviously stopping off along the way!

Anyway enough of the ramble, here are a couple of the bits on my itinerary;


Monday, 12 June 2017

What You're Feeling is OK

Edit: I had other plans for today's post, but I came across this from last week and thought I'd share it.

So I'm sat here, home from my very last exam for my degree (it went shit, but I'm not bothered, it's finally over!!) and though I'm a little tipsy and pretty tired (after waking up at 6.30 and 5 glasses of Courtyard Pimm's) I'm not ecstatic. 

I'm lying in bed, eating cookies and banana bread my housemate baked, and anticipating tonight, and tomorrow. I'm thinking again about the fact that I should could have gone for a run yesterday, when it was nice weather and I had the chance. When I didn't have other plans/wasn't hungover. 

I'm thinking about the Pimm's I drunk today. The bacon and brie panini I had for lunch. The cookies and cake I'm currently eating. The Prosecco and alcohol I will drink tonight. The takeaway I'll probably have. The endless amount of carbs and sugar I will eat tomorrow, while lying in bed watching Netflix all day.

And what's on my mind isn't enjoyment or celebration. But bad calories. Fat. I'm feeling a bit lousy and squishy and unattractive and it's making me think that I won't enjoy myself tonight. And that's annoying, as it's the one and only time I'm ever going to finish a degree (believe me there's no chance I'm doing another one!) 

But the good thing, the thing that's different from how I used to be, is that these thoughts aren't controlling me. (In fact I'm continuing to eat more cookies)

These thoughts, though they're there, I can recognise as my ED, not me. It's not controlling me. I can rationalise, and not panic, like perhaps I used to.

I understand that these habits aren't 'healthy' if I do it all the time, but seriously a couple of days of celebration won't impact my body that much.

And what if it does? Putting on a few pounds doesn't make me a bad person. It doesn't mean I can't enjoy my night out and celebrations. And it doesn't make me any less beautiful!! 

So if you ever get these feelings, ED or not, just know that you're f****** gorgeous anyway! You are you, tall/short, big/small, big boobs/small boobs, blue eyes/brown eyes, you are beautiful.

So whether you're celebrating end of exams like I am, or celebrating anything, or even just celebrating another day done, do something tonight without worrying. Eat the cake and binge Netflix, Have another drink, another slice of pizza, whatever you want. Just enjoy it. 


Thursday, 8 June 2017

Have Your Say


It's the day people! And this post is a final plea to get anyone who might read this to quickly take those 5/10 minutes out of their day to pop down to your local voting poll and fill out that form! Please! 

Now more than ever, we as a nation need to stand up and contribute to society! We are all responsible for this country and need to work together to pull it back together so that we can help the rest of the world!


Monday, 5 June 2017

Shit When's Father's Day!?*

So Father's, men in general (in my family anyway) are THE WORST to buy for! They just don't want anything! So I've had to up the anty and go looking for something different this Father's Day. 

Ok, not going to lie, I completely forgot about Father's Day - in my defense final year exams kind of took up most of my attention - until I got a lovely email from UncommonGoods telling me about their site. Upon checking it out I loved some of their ideas and thought some were perfect for those dads who are tough nuts to crack when it comes to finding the perfect gift! 


Monday, 29 May 2017

How to Study?

So I'm sure I'm not the only one who still finds it bewildering that I can somehow remember the entire 10 seasons script to F.R.I.E.N.D.S, yet can I remember anything to do with Lysosomal Storage Disorders? - Absolutely not!


Monday, 22 May 2017

3 Skincare Gems

Now I'm definitely not a beauty blogger! I know diddly squat about skin care and look a bit like I've been punched in the face any time I attempt to use eye shadow! But I have definitely been on the hunt over the last few years, trying many a different product, drinking loads of water etc etc to try and get rid of ma damn spots! Now I don't have acne as severe as many others - it's not a condition, I literally just think due to messing my poor hormones around over the last however many years, they're coming back kicking and screaming (oh and there's chocolate and alcohol which probably doesn't help) ... HOWEVER (ramble over) over the last few months I've been using these products below and I've noticed a mahooosive change! So much so that I haven't worn make-up - partly because I don't need to, partly because I care less - for over a month! And that may sound like nothing, I know an awful lot of lucky buggers who never wear makeup and get a spot perhaps every couple of months, but for me (and I'm sure I'm not alone) I usually had at least one - more likely a few - lovely white mountains somewhere quite clearly visible! And I was very conscious of them, so I'd wear a lot of foundation and powder to cover said lurkers up.


Monday, 15 May 2017

Workaway: My first experience

Last summer me and my best friend took a 10 day trip to the south of France to undertake a holiday through the company Workaway. I basically found this business on, I think, a list of ways to travel on a budget - I wasn't asked/paid to go or to review it, I just think it's a great idea and don't know anyone else who knows about it, so thought I'd explain a bit...

How it works is basically you pay for membership for 2 years (either alone $29/~£23 or as a pair $38/~£30 for both of you) and as a 'workawayer' you can read hosts advertisements from all over the world. Hosts advertise work they need doing - could be anything from a bit of gardening, maybe some cooking or teaching a language to helping renovate and set up an organic farm or hostel - and in exchange for this work (usually around 3-5hrs per day) the hosts offer free accommodation (and sometimes food and transport) to the workawayer/s that offer to help.


Thursday, 11 May 2017

4 Things I Try To Live My Life By

1. Do one good thing for someone else everyday

If we all did this, the world would be a much happier place! And I mean, is there anything better than that feeling of having helped make someone happy or made their day better? This kind of leads onto my next point but I think that being generous and willing to help others, makes us all much better people which makes us (as well as the person we helped) feel better! I also believe that if you do good things for others, they will do good things to you.


Monday, 8 May 2017

An Experience of Anorexia Nervosa

Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, I was brainstorming ideas for posts that I could share to impart some wisdom. But I then came across a draft of a post I wrote a while ago and thought a better way to promote awareness and kick off Mental Health Awareness Week (8th-14th), rather than giving advice on such a broad subject I don't really know a lot about, was to share my story. Plain. Simple. Exposed. So here goes.

I remember the day I was diagnosed. I remember walking into the hospital with my mum and dad and hearing them tell me I was suffering from Anorexia Nervosa. It was in April 2010. It didn't shock my mum or dad. They knew. It shocked me. I had no idea what I was doing to myself. What these habits and these thoughts were making me do to myself and my body. I cried. I felt hopeless. Everything I knew and was confident about for a long time before that, was my exercise routine and eating (what I thought was) 'healthily'. Everything I was clinging onto for happiness was about to come crashing down around me. 

I was 15. I was a smart, logical and mature girl. I listened to the therapist and nutritionist and my parents and my family. All telling me what I was doing and how to recover. They told me minimum recovery time was usually around 2 years. I remember thinking I could beat those odds. That I wasn't like other 'anorexics' I wasn't really anorexic. I had everything under control. I'd just gone a bit too far, that's all. All I had to do was eat more food, and get to a healthy weight. Simple.

'It's a hard process. Moving out of a comfort zone you've pushed yourself to the very limit to achieve. Having to do things that go against everything your mind and your body is telling you to do. Because you've driven it into this state of starvation. It was torture. I'd try and tell myself it's for the best. Trust the adults. Trust your parents. Trust the professionals. 

But it's easier to say isn't it. It's easy to say eat this, you need it. All they think about is my weight and my physical health. But what about my mental health. What about my body. They don't care if I get fat and ugly. They don't care if I'm unhappy, just as long as I'm a healthy BMI. But I care though. I'm the one that has to live with it. I'm the one that has to look at my body everyday. I'm the one that would have to live alone forever, always being the other girl. The one you forgot the name of. The plain, ordinary, nothing special girl. I'm the one in photos that you're not jealous of. The one with the bucked teeth and a massive nose and a big, square, manly body. The one you don't quite take notice of. I couldn't be that person again. I just couldn't.'

'You see, for me, my eating disorder wasn't a cry for help. Not for anyone else's help anyway. It was an attempt to gain a sense of worth for myself. To prove to myself that I was someone. I was always overwhelmed at the thought of being such an insignificant person in this world who hasn't really got anything to offer. I tried so hard in everything I did and yet I still felt insignificant. I wasn't good at anything. Well that's a lie, I was. I was in the top sets at school, I always did well. I had the most wonderful friends and family. Sometimes I think I shouldn't be allowed to have an eating disorder. To have a mental illness, let alone talk about it or seem like I'm complaining. My life was amazing. Is amazing. There are people in this world who would do anything for what I had. For a loving family, parents happily married, all healthy and happy. To have the most amazing friends. To have financial security, food and clean water, a roof over our heads. Education. Healthcare. I could go on and on. Who am I to be suffering, when there are people who have had actual traumatic experiences resulting in their thoughts and worries. I've just brought this on myself. Stupid, unthankful girl. 

I think I felt insecure. I still do. We all do, I guess. I had (still do, love them all to bits) very high-flyer friends. So I was the quiet one. The 'other' one. I deemed myself the follower. The one that wasn't quite good enough to be in that group. I wasn't as funny. I wasn't as smart. I wasn't as confident. I wasn't as pretty. Maybe being thin and fit and attractive could be my thing. People seem to like attractive people. Maybe if I work hard enough, I could be like that. Maybe then I won't feel as worthless, I'll be more confident and I'll have something to offer.'

These are just some words that I'd written a while back on different occasions and edited slightly to put together. I want to stress that, while I still occasionally get old thoughts and urges and am not yet fully recovered, I'm definitely not in that place anymore and I'm in a much better mindset and physical state to keep getting healthier. And I'm much happier. My stage in recovery is down to a lot of hard work, tears, love and support from my friends and family (who I basically owe my life to, so thanks guys) - but it's happened. It's possible. Just now writing this, I can vividly remember several times over the last 7 years when I didn't think it would ever be possible (one only a few months ago in fact, but that's another story). And they'll still be times when I feel unworthy and insecure, because changing your thought process doesn't change overnight, but I'm getting better and with each day of thankfulness and happiness, it gets that much easier and the ana inside me gets that much smaller. Controlled by me now, not the other way around.

I know my experience is very different to a lot of others but here I am sharing mine, if you don't agree or relate or this post conjures up bad thoughts, please just don't read it and close the tab straight away. I know most/if not all the people who read my posts are lovely, kind and open-minded people and I love you all so much - but if you're reading this thinking of a not-so-nice comment to post, please don't - you don't realise how much damage it can do! I feel very self-conscious publishing this type of stuff, but hearing it help just one or two people encourages me to do it.

There are many reasons I'm sure for the development of this and other mental illnesses, and it's most definitely not anyone's fault. I do still feel judgement towards myself sometimes when I actually type out these kind of thoughts, but it's just one of those things that unfortunately affects 1 in 4 of us. And it sucks. And it's hard. But it's temporary. It's an illness. It's not us. 

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