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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Grateful for that Period

This is definitely a topic I was umming and arring about actually publishing since a lot of family and friends read my blog *cringe* but since this topic has become a huge part of my life, for I suppose a rather different reason and perspective than others, I thought I should share it.

Basically I'm here today to talk about how fucking grateful I am for my period! 

As a sufferer of Anorexia for many years, the main concerning symptom is that you lose your period. And as appealing as this sounds, it's really not very good! I have been suffering since about the time I started adolescence so my periods have therefore never been regular, and for many years, in fact until very recently (hence the post) I was at a weight so low that my body was using all it's energy and back-up processes to keep my going rather than have a period. 

Kind of a big signal saying - 'Hey, you're not well enough to take care of yourself let alone some other little being so I'm just going to pause this until you get the picture!' 

And so for a while this has been the main reason I have been fighting for recovery. Obviously there were other reasons too, but the possibility of infertility (which ultimately results from lack of periods for a certain length of time) and never being able to have children was the main thing keeping me going through all this.

All throughout my life, there have been changes to routine - going on holiday, switching between jobs, going to uni, going travelling... - and I always said 'oh but they're only temporary' I'll deal with recovery and weight gain after I get into the new routine or after it's over and I'm back home. This resulted in many years of irregular/if any periods, weight scares, illnesses, a lot of shit basically, so I decided when I went travelling to make it a priority and I'm attempting to continue this now I'm back.

And until recently I was pretty scared. I got up to the highest weight I've been since being diagnosed 8 years ago, emotions were flying high, I was getting worried that this was it. I'd had my chance. It's over. I can honestly say that it was one time in my life where my heart dropped and I was terrified.

Luckily, I've been granted another chance and I can say with complete honesty - I've never been happier to get my bloody period! There was a slight party in my house and the relief among me and my family was welcome.

I guess this was a little note to remind people that - yes periods are shit, they come with emotions so crazy you'll think you're going a bit mad - but they're there for good reason and I for one am so thankful for this little bit of mother nature inside me.


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Feeling not so adult...

We're now into 2018, I've just turned 22 and here I am still living with my parents, currently unemployed, watching Bridget Jones midday on a Tuesday.

OK so that bit actually sounds great - for a day or even a month - but I'm definitely feeling that demotivated slump where everyone around me is successfully fulfilling their life and growing up and I'm having one of those days where I'm not really sure why I'm even on this Earth at all.


Sunday, 7 January 2018

Free Things to do in Brisbane

Brisbane. What a lovely city. A place I hadn't really heard much from when talking to other travellers (apart from a good friend from Canada who was absolutely besotted by it!) and researching Australia, but a city I very much enjoyed!


Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Looking back on 2017

Now this isn't some New Year New Me post on how I'm reflecting on what I need to do to improve myself and make 2018 the year for me - well maybe a little. A while back, I read a post by Grace on her personal achievements this year and it really inspired me to look back at mine too. 

She mentioned that she'd been feeling a bit down and unproductive and feeling like she hadn't done what she should have this past year - and I could really relate. 

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